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Exclusive, new + tasty beers

Exclusive, new + tasty beers

Unique gifting ideas!
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Beer gifts to secure your place on Santa's good list!

Buying a Beerwulf gift is the perfect way to bring that cosy fuzzy feeling (and for once, we aren't talking about a post Quadrupel glow). We mean that warming happiness you get when you see your loved ones smiling. Bring some magic this Christmas, with a gift they really want.

Just imagine the delight on your beer lover's face when they open the front door to a case full of their favourite specialty beers. Perhaps you plan on wrapping a beer tap and nestling it under the tree. Or maybe your beer lover is smart and already has their home pub up and running. Then they would like nothing more than a new stock of pub classic kegs! We know they say you can't buy happiness, but you can buy beer...

Take a look around, all our gifts spark joy, so you'll never go too far wrong. Then order online, personalise your gift with a message and relax. Sit back quietly smug, enjoying your own beers whilst everyone else is rushing around looking for last minute presents!

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Give the gift of the pub

Is your beer lover a pub lover too? Then make all their pub dreams come true and bring their favourite experience home. The SUB is the ultimate way to enjoy brewery-fresh, chilled, pub-quality draught beer without leaving your sofa. What’s more perfect than that?

It's a real party piece and great for festive fun. Beer taps are the gadget everybody wants. They are a great way to make friends and family jealous and get kudos for showing off your pint pulling skills. Get it fired up on Christmas Day, load it up with specialty beers and get the beer flowing. Not only can you choose what's on tap from our ever growing range of SUB Kegs, but you'll have the whole pub to yourselves. Which every pub veteran knows is unheard of at Christmas!

The SUB SUB Kegs

Beer taps make the best gifts!

The SUB Compact Heineken Starter Pack


5 Items

£ 161.00 £ 109.00

The SUB Compact Party Starter Pack


9 Items

£ 196.92 £ 139.00

The SUB Compact Party Starter Pack


9 Items

£ 200.92 £ 139.00

The SUB Beer Tap


Compatible with 2 litre SUB Kegs

£ 129.00 £ 99.00
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Gifting made easy with our Beer Advent Calendar!

How can you bring joy each and every day of December to your loved ones? With the Beerwulf Beer Advent Calendar of course! Not only is it the best way to count down to Christmas, but it’s also the greatest gift around. A gift that literally keeps on giving. 

For every day of Advent, your lucky beer lover can unbox a new surprise beer. Yes, that means they get to open 24 unique beers. They are not going to believe their luck when they realise, they have 24 gifts to look forward to. The only downside is, you're setting a very high precedence for subsequent gift giving!

Beer Advent Calendar

24 Items

£ 65.99

12 Popular Beer Case


12 Items

£ 27.99 £ 23.79

Beer Tasting Case + Beer Glasses


14 Items

£ 42.99 £ 38.69

Lager & Pilsner Beer Case

16 Items

£ 36.99

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