Father's Day Beer Gift

Father's Day beer gift ideasIt's never too late!

The Wild Beer Co creates authentic wild beers, taking inspiration from the English countryside. Their respect for both tradition and innovative is evidenced through their passion and use of fermentation and barrel ageing ... 

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16th June may have been and gone but celebrating your dad needn’t be! Here are two beer boxes that are perfect for any day of the year. In the Father's Day Selection Pack, you’ll find 16 reliable, popular beers that are both delicious and easy drinking. Or, if Dad really likes geeking out over beer, then he might prefer the Father's Day Premium Pack. It includes a selection of more complex beers to explore in a range of different beer styles. 

The Father's Day Selection Pack is the ultimate Father's Day beer gift crowd-pleaser - it's a perfect gift idea for Dads who like beer! In the box you will find 16 accessible and delicious beers that will appeal to everyone. You've got some popular blondes such as First Chop's AVA and Hiver Blonde. You’ve also got some IPAs like Stone Go To IPA, Vedett Extra Ordinary IPA and the Brewdog Clockwork Tangerine. View the full contents of this pack

The Father's Day Premium Pack is a gift box filled with slightly more complex beers in a range of styles; it's for fathers who might consider themselves more advanced beer drinkers and who want to discover something new. Contents in this beer box include Five Points' Railway Porter, or the sour Jungle Joy from Brussels Beer Project. View the full contents of this pack

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Home draught gifts

Enjoying a fresh draught beer at home is the stuff dreams are made of for most dads! Make his dreams come true this year with THE SUB, a stylish home draught appliance that pours a pub quality pint. THE SUB cools beer to 2 degrees and keeps it fresh for two weeks. 

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There are three SUB Editions:
  • THE SUB COMPACT is a smaller version of THE SUB with the same unique cooling system (Father's Day offer:   £129,-  £69,-)
  • THE SUB COLOUR EDITION is the classic, high quality version of THE SUB (Father's Day offer:  £149,-  £99,-)
  • THE SUB HEINEKEN EDITION has anodised aluminum exterior for an extra luxurious look (Father's Day offer:  £169,-  £129,-)

THE SUB can be filled with a range of beers in TORPS (2 litre kegs). If your Dad is lucky enough to receive THE SUB, don’t forget to give him some beer TORPS to go in it - we have 30 different ones to choose from! 


Which beers are available in TORPS? 

There are currently around 30 different beers available from all over the world. Whether you like a fresh Heineken, an exotic Tiger, a classic Affligem or are looking for special beers from Jopen or Delirium, we have a favourite for every beer lover! 


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