Father's Day

Father's Day Gift PackCheers to dad with a box of craft beers

We’re coming up to Father’s Day: the time to show your dad how much he means to you. And what better gift than the gift of beer? Honour the beer lover in your life by giving him something you know he'll enjoy.

We’ve created a beer box especially for Father’s Day with 12, 16 or 20 perfectly matched beers to keep dad refreshed on this spring day. The box has a delicious mix of craft lagers, pilsners and IPA’s, so no matter what his taste is, there’s plenty there to enjoy.

Father's Day Pack | 12

Pack | 12 beers

An accessible pack that contains exactly what Fathers need. The pack includes Mentor from Kompaan, a fresh and fruity pale ale, exclusively brewed for Beerwulf as an ode to all fathers! You will also find a special edition of Brewery De Leckere’s blonde Gulden Craen in the pack. Much better fun than receiving to a toolbox filled with screwdrivers, hammer, pliers and a saw! The pack contains beer from 12 different brewers, in six different styles and from four countries.

£ 25.95

Father's Day Pack | 16

Pack | 16 beers

A beautiful pack that contains a few more different beers for Dad to enjoy. Such as Undercurrent from Siren, a fruity and dry pale ale. Or Ares from Walhalla, an amber beer that combines caramel tones with a generous amount of hops. The pack can be compared to a toolbox where you not only get the necessities, but also a drill and a good set of wrenches (just much, much better!). The pack contains beers from 16 different brewers, in seven different styles and from five countries.

£ 31.95

Father’s Day falls on the 17th June this year, so now’s the time to start thinking about how you’re going to celebrate. What’s on the menu for the day, who’s invited over for a barbecue, and most importantly, what are you all going to drink?

Our beer box is the perfect Father’s Day gift for tasting, sharing, and exploring new beers that you and your old man can enjoy together. Get yours ordered now.

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