Our SUBscription service currently allows for one subscription per e-mail address and household. As we have a monthly and bi-monthly option available, we hope we have the right plan for you. Additional regular orders can still be placed outside of your SUBscription if you wanted a few extra SUB Kegs, or wanted to try something different!
You can certainly send it to somebody else's address, but please be aware that the plans aren’t transferable so you will be responsible for the payments and contract.
SUBscriptions have many benefits, making them an attractive and modern way to interact with your favourite products, in this case, beer! The main perk with our keg SUBscription is convenience, no scheduling, no reordering, no messing around. If you're someone who enjoys fresh draught beer tapped from your SUB, then it's perfect. It's the same beer you were already ordering, but without the hassle! And of course, not forgetting the cost savings you make. If you need more convincing, read our article on "Why SUBscription is a good idea"
If you're brand new to the world of Beerwulf and just want to get a taste of The SUB and the ultimate home draught experience, then check out our 3-delivery plans which include The SUB as a mandatory add-on. You'll also make a saving on The SUB when taken with a SUBscription. Or if you want to sign up to any other plan, simply subscribe on the plan that best suits you and once you have signed in or created your account, on the first page of the checkout you'll be given the option to include The SUB from the add-ons section. This additional cost will only be charged once.
Yes. When you click subscribe, you'll be asked to login with your existing account details, or if you're new to Beerwulf you can enter your e-mail address to create an account. We will then e-mail you an activation link to complete your account creation..