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Looking for the perfect gift?Our Wulf packs make a unique gift. We have different sizes to cater to every budget. Surprise a friend or treat yourself!

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Beautiful packaging

All beers are delivered in a nice and damage resistant pack, whether it's a gift, or just for yourself.

Inclusief persoonlijk bericht

Including a personal message

You can add your personal message for the recipient at checkout.

Jij bent de schakel

You are the link

The pack goes to the recipient, but we only communicate with you. You receive the invoice and track & trace code in your email.

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Our Wulf packs

Tasteless alcohol-free beer? Not anymore!

Alcohol-free pack

Pack | 16 beers

£ 25.95
Great to try new beers and also to organize a tasting!

Trial pack

Pack | 12 beers

£ 24.95
12 award-winning beers from the Brussels Beer Challenge.

Winning Beers

Pack | 12 beers

£ 20.95
12 Trappist and abbey beers from Belgium, Austria and Italy.

Abbey & Trappist pack

Pack | 12 beers

£ 24.95
12 craft beers from 12 different UK breweries.

Beer Tasting pack

Pack | 12 beers

£ 22.95
British, Dutch, Belgian and American crafts. A perfect introduction.

Discovery pack

Pack | 12 beers

£ 24.95
A selection of 12 Dutch IPAs that are hard to find in the UK.

Dutch IPA pack

Pack | 12 beers

£ 25.95

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