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Fourpure wasn’t the first business venture for brothers Dan and Tom when they opened shop in 2013, but it seems like the most adventurous one. Having previously set up and run a successful IT company, the next step was to put their love of craft beer to the test and to ‘bring something new’ to the world of beer.

Fourpure beer

Setting forth with the tagline ‘Inspired by Adventure’, the brothers decided early on that it was important to them to respect the four core ingredients used in beer brewing: hops, yeast, malt, and water. It’s this ethos combined with a thirst for the crazy and adventurous that sets Fourpure beer apart from the rest.

Fourpure’s core range of beer is flavoursome yet accessible. Take American Pale, a California-inspired beer brewed with Cascade, Centennial and Citra hops for a flowery and aromatic flavour, or the Fourpure take on a German Pilsner, Pils Lager, which is a drinkable 4.7% pilsner inspired by the city of Munich and cycling trips through Germany and the Czech Republic. For something darker, the Oatmeal Stout is inspired by stout beers that originated in London in the early 1700’s - with a modern twist, of course.

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It’s not all about traditional styles here, however - far from it, in fact. As a counterpoint to the core Fourpure beer range, they created ‘The Adventure Series’ to entice the more explorative beer drinker. This range of small batch and seasonal beers is bold, colourful and experimental. Try Southern Latitude, a bitter fruity New England style session IPA inspired by hazy, long summers and brewed with Australian and American hops. Or alternatively, the Juicebox Citrus IPA, a 5.9% tropical explosion that’s bursting with orange zest and aromatic hops.

Fourpure cans

Ever the innovators, Fourpure became the first brewery in the UK to begin canning their core range. As many London breweries move towards beer in cans, Fourpure are a great example of how canning keeps beer fresh, long-lasting and UV protected, with a lower environmental impact in the process.  

Lion acquisition

Having been acquired by Australasian food and drinks company Lion in 2018, there’s likely to be a big investment in production looking into the future. But Fourpure told us there’s no derailment in terms of strategy, particularly as Lion are still relatively unknown in the UK: “We’re still running with the Fourpure plan”.

The Fourpure brewery

Today, the Fourpure brewery can be found in south Bermondsey - at either the start or finish line of the Bermondsey Beer Mile, depending on which end you start from. With a current headcount of 75 across brewing, logistics, marketing, sales and events, the team are continuously outgrowing and expanding their brewhouse.

Change is in the air, but one thing’s for certain, they told us: Fourpure beer will always be brewed - and canned - in London.  

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