Trappist & Abbey

Trappist beers are brewed within a monastery and can be reconized by the "Authentic Trappist Product" logo. Abbey beers are not brewed within a monastery, but are strongly affiliated with one. It's not an actual style. Most Trappist & Abbey beers are Belgian classic style ales.

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Trappist & Abbey

What is Trappist beer?

All proceeds from Trappist beer are used to cover the living costs of the monks and help maintain the monastery. There are only 11 Trappist breweries in the world and more than half of these are in Belgium, meaning Trappist beer is understandably connected with Belgian beer. A great way to get the most out of Trappist beer, as recommended by Trappist monks, is to pair your next glass or bottle with a plate of either soft and creamy or strong and bitey cheese. What you decide upon really comes down to the type of beer you’ll be drinking though, since the list of abbey-style beers that pair well with cheese is almost endless.

Trappist & Abbey food pairing

Ultimately, beer and cheese is always a winning combination. Just make sure to avoid adding any nuts or grapes so nothing takes away from the blending of beer and cheese. Once you have your cheese, all that’s required is to take a slow sip of your abbey beer to appreciate its taste. After swallowing, eat a small piece of cheese without the rind and then another with the rind. To finish it all off, have a generous swig of your Trappist beer and mix all the different flavours together.

Trappist breweries

Some well-known Trappist breweries are Rochefort, Chimay and Westmalle.
Even though Abbey beers are not brewed within a monastery, they need to be part of the Union of Belgian Brewers in order to receive the “Recognised Belgian Abbey Beer” mark. Abbey breweries are also mostly of Belgian origin and there are 24 recognised Abbey breweries in total, including popular breweries such as Leffe, Grimbergen and Affligem. Additionally, there are also unofficial Abbey beers where the breweries have the same name as an Abbey but there is no official connection. A well-known example of an unofficial Abbey beer is St Bernardus. Learn more about Trappist & Abbey beers.

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