Traditional English Ale

Just like every big beer country, Britain has its own ale beer tradition, including styles like mild, bitter, extra strong, special bitter and English strong ale.

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Traditional English Ale

What makes a Traditional English Ale?

Traditional English ale is a rich and complex beer, often unfiltered and bottle conditioned. Its shades tend to land somewhere between amber and copper. These ales usually have a bold fruity, estery and malty mix, with a bitter finish that can go from mild to full-blown hoppy.

Food pairings

With traditional British ale, a little common sense goes a long way. Much like a Mexican made beer will go well with Mexican cuisine, ale beer from England is best suited to a British pub meal or something of equivalent robustness. Wild boar, chorizo and even steak pies are guaranteed to complement the rich flavours found within every bottle of traditional style English ale. If you want to get super specific, couple a pint of your favourite ale beer from the Isles with Gloucestershire sausages or British cheddar cheese. Not only will this heighten the taste of both the beer and the accompanying dish, you’ll also impress your friends and family with your knowledge of food and beer pairings. Examples of this style of beer would be Fuller’s London Pride and ESB.

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