Strong Dark Ale

Strong dark ales have a rather complex taste. Sweet tones of caramel, dried fruits and roasted malts are often present and are accompanied by a bitter finish.

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Strong Dark Ale

What is Strong Dark Ale?

The complex taste of strong dark ales comes from the use of several malts and a higher alcohol percentage, which ranges from between 6.5% up to 12%. The alcohol content alone makes dark beer a beer for sippers, not guzzlers. In fact, a bottle of dark ale is all about quality, not quantity. Strong dark ales will also offer up big flavours when paired with a hearty dish during colder months. Think beef stew, steak, game or even a dark chocolate dessert. Don’t think this means all dark beers are filling and heavy like liquid bread though. At its core, a great dark ale should be refreshing and flavourful without being overbearing, so it suits people with a wide variety of taste preferences. Not to mention that when the mercury really starts to drop, there’s nothing more comforting than a strong dark ale by the fire.

Bock Beer

Bock is one example of a deliciously strong dark ale. This style has its roots in Germany and dates back to medieval times. It’s a stronger beer meant for special occasions and was often consumed during Lenten fasts. A Doppelbock is even heavier and maltier than a normal bock. In the Netherlands, Bokbier is very popular during autumn and many breweries bring out a Bok version. An award-winning example is the 4 Granen Bok from Jopen. Generally, a lot of winter beers fall under the strong dark ale category, for instance the Brand Sylvester.

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