Bock beer

The Autumn Bockbier packDiscover the deliciously popular Bock beer style

Bock beer is a grand symbol of the Dutch brewing tradition. All over the country, Dutch beer lovers eagerly await the autumn to enjoy this delicious craft beer style. Bock season is a true celebration!

If you haven’t come across Bock before, we’d like to introduce you to this unique style of beer. Travel to the Netherlands with help from the craft beers in this pack, and you’ll start to understand why autumn Bock beers are held in such high regard.

Bockbier pack

16 traditional Dutch bock beers, perfect for Autumn

Autumn is the season for traditional Dutch bock beer!

There is a lot to discover in this beer style: traditional bottom-fermented bock, strong double-bock, complex multigrain, bock beer brewed with cookies or a little splash of rum - and you can try it all in our new Bock Beer pack. This is Dutch bock at its best!

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Where does Bock beer come from?

Bock beer actually originated in Germany, and more precisely in Einbeck: a town about 100km south of Hanover in the north of the country. The first Bock beer brewed in the Netherlands (probably around 1868) was based on a beer imported from Munich.

This was the time when low-fermentation Bavarian beers were extremely popular and therefore imported in large quantities - including Bock beer.

Why is it considered an autumn beer?

The reasons are varied. But in reality, Bock beer just tastes better in autumn! This is related to the period in which it was brewed. Traditionally, Bock beer is tasted in late September or early October. However there is also a Bock for spring, but that’s a different style.

When was this Dutch tradition born?

You could say that 2018 is a jubilee year, because 1978 was an important year for craft beer and especially for the Bock. Indeed, before that date, Bock beer nearly disappeared completely from circulation. In 1978 it was (re)discovered with the first Bockbier Festival in Amsterdam.


But Bock made its real comeback on the scene in the 80's thanks to the ''PINT'' organisation, which arranges the Amsterdam Bokbier Festival. This shows how consumer associations influence the history of beer - much like CAMRA in Great Britain which ensured the continuity of traditional English beer styles.

What does Bock beer taste like?

Bock is a reddish-brown beer which relies heavily on its malt. The malt gives the beer caramel aromas, and a sweet touch with a slightly toasty note of chocolate. On the palate, Bock is sweet rather than bitter, making it a decidedly accessible beer.

The alcohol percentage of Bock beer starts at 6.5% and can go up to 12%. Different types of cereals can be added, and sometimes wackier ingredients are added to the brewing, like rum, cookies or chocolate. Without doubt, Bock is a traditional autumn beer that is constantly being reinvented.

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