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BLADE is the ultimate home beer tap. But if you think that's just it, then you have a lot to learn. It's so much more than that. It’s an experience. A lifestyle, a way of life, if you will.

The authentic pub pour and premium quality taste make it an absolute must-have for beer lovers and gadget aficionados. The innovative space-saving design and compact footprint are game changers. You’ll never look at your home the same way, now you know any counter, table or patio can transform into a fully functioning, home bar. Inside or outside, the possibilities are endless.

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Why BLADE for the home?

With BLADE you can enjoy fresh, chilled draught beer at home every day. That's fresh beer, anywhere and anytime. If you're winding down after a long workday, having dinner party with friends, a weekend watching the football or Friday games night, you name it, BLADE is fantastic for any occasion life throws at you. It will also look first-class in any man cave or outdoor bar, it's a party piece, a real showstopper! With BLADE it's your bar, so it's your rules. Load it up with your favourite beer, sit back and let BLADE do all the leg work. 

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Bring the pub home

The advanced cooling technology will chill your beer to optimum drinking temperature, always keeping it brewery-fresh and ready to go. The second you fancy a beer, you have pub worthy pints, quite literally, on tap!

And just like when you're at the pub, no need to worry about installation or concern yourself with complicated mechanics. Just plug in your pub authentic tap and you're ready to pour. With one crucial added bonus, you're the barman!

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BLADE: at home in every setting 

With BLADE you get an absolutely unbeatable pub experience. The beer tap looks simultaneously professional and at home in every setting. You can tap your favorite  premium pints from home  time and time again.

Installation couldn't be simpler, just plug in and play. Once you are plugged into the mains, you're ready to pour. The kegs are also so simple to change and taste amazing with absolutely no compromise on flavor or quality! Check out exactly how easy it is, with our 3 step setup. 

Setup in 3 steps

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As you will discover, we also have a great selection of BLADE Kegs for your bar, you can give any pub a run for its money! Currently we are offering pub favorites; HeinekenHeineken 0.0Birra Moretti,  AffligemTiger , Zipfer Urtyp and more !

Our assortment is ever growing, with new brands being added all the time!

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