easter and beer

The Easter bunny is here: cheers!

Chocolate eggs, lamb, family lunches, happy children, sun and summer getting closer and closer…what else is there to say about the second biggest holiday in the year? Well, beer! Cold, snow and strong dark beers are a thing of the past, now it’s time for something lighter, golden and refreshing. It’s time for Easter beer!

A pack full of fresh beers: perfect for Easter!

Spring pack

16 beers

Spring is here! And with it comes bright sunshine, longer days, and a new pack of delicious seasonal beers. We have carefully selected 16 Spring-time beers so you can welcome the first rays of sun in style. Cheers!

£ 29.95
Out of stock

Whether your family abides to the brunch or the dinner tradition, we have you covered with some extra nice ones for the egg hunt! Yummy, but watch out for the bunny!

Beers for your brunch…

After the feast, you might feel like a little nap, but there is no time. The eggs are not going to wait for you, so grab one of these wonderful blondes and start digging…

Perfect for your hunt...

Is it dinner time already?! No panic, here’s something that will put you in the right mood and pairs perfectly with every course. Put the lamb in the oven, mash the potatoes, sit down and enjoy.

Cheers to a beery Easter!

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