Weizen in de winter

Winter beersThere’s always an occasion for wheat beer!

Winter is a wonderful season ... to stay indoors. While it’s freezing outside, we all long for a warm and cosy spot. Our thoughts: a nice big glass of wheat beer by the fireplace! This originally German beer style, also called Weizen, is a must in the many "Stuben" in the Alps and effortlessly makes the leap to your living room. Wheat beer: ideal for when the weather is cold and rough.

When you’re looking for a winter beer, you don’t necessarily have to go for a Porter, Stout or Tripel. Light beer styles, such as a wheat beer, sometimes adapt perfectly to the winter season. In the case of the Bavarian invention, there are several reasons why this beer also works well in a colder season.

For one you don’t drink it ice cold, between 6 and 9 degrees is sufficient. Enough to be refreshing but it won’t give you brain freeze. It’s the ideal beer after a workout in the mountains or a walk outside. The popularity of wheat beer among winter sports enthusiasts and other mountain explorers is enormous. Especially on a sunny winter day, a wheat beer is the ideal choice to pretend that it’s summer.

Another factor contributing to the popularity of wheat beer is that there are different variants of this style. There is the well-known light Weizen, but you can also order a dark wheat beer. A Hefeweizen is an unfiltered beer where the yeast has free play and creates an extra flavour dimension. If you’re going for a Kristallweizen then you get, as the name suggests, a clear beer that looks a bit like champagne. And if you go for a Berliner Weisse you will get a kind of Saison that looks a bit like a Gueuze or Lambiek.

In short: there is a wheat beer for every moment! Want to read more about this great beer style? Read our article about wheat beer.