The benefits of a beer subscription

From beauty products and cheese to streaming, razors and recipes, there is absolutely no denying the meteoric increase in subscription services. But the rise in this model is not just the latest fad for ecommerce brands.  Subscriptions have many benefits, making them an attractive and modern way to interact with your favourite products. Here we take a look at some of the most important perks of a subscription (and why beer should be added to your list)!

BW_FreeFastDelivery_Grey_150x150px.png Convenience

The number one benefit inherent in almost all subscription services is the convenience. We know how annoying it can be to constantly think about your supplies and plan your orders. With the Beerwulf SUBscription, a passive payment method allows for “set it and forget it” ordering. When you subscribe you will make your first payment and set your delivery and frequency preferences. Then you get regular shipments of SUB Kegs, straight to your door on a regular basis. No scheduling, no reordering, no messing around. Easy!

payment.pngSave money

Wwe all like to save some cash where we can - and by committing to regular payments, you benefit long term with lower costs. With our SUBscription service, you are guaranteed to make cost savings - and the beauty of it lies in that it’s likely to be the kegs you are already ordering. So, you can save without making changes or compromises. We have a variety of different options and, depending on your plan, you can save up to £7.50 a month - which adds up to £90 a year. Every little helps! 

pint.pngGreat for lager lovers

If you love lager, then this a great option for you. Especially if you like loading up your SUB to watch sports. Our SUBscription features all the big hitter so it is perfect for keeping the fridge stocked year round. Everyone knows a pint of one of these is perfect for Saturday sessions on the sofa supporting your team.

blade.pngKeg selection

Humans are often creatures of habit. We find things we like, and we tend to stick to them. We all have a favourite pub, mug, desk at the office etc - so the same goes for the beers we drink. So, if you usually order the same SUB Kegs each time, then it might be worth looking into our keg SUBscription. Pick your plan with the beers you want and get the same order on repeat - and if from time to time you do like to try something new, go for our mixed keg plan. It's so flexible, there’s something for everyone. Learn more about how our SUB kegs are filled here.

croppedgift.png Treat yourself!

When you are looking to treat yourself, there is nothing sweeter than an ice-cold draught pint. We really mean that. When you subscribe you guarantee yourself regular shipments of SUB Kegs. This means you always have a stash of classic pub pints, for those much-needed moments; after a tough day or just to unwind. We don’t think you ever need an excuse to treat yourself, but it couldn’t be easier to do with a loaded SUB. Pub quality beer, on tap!