It's picnic time!

The sun is out, and suddenly everyone wants to enjoy the sunshine! Do you want to upgrade your beer game and avoid throwing tons of bottles into the green bin? We have the perfect solution - mini kegs! These nifty little kegs still give you all the joys and convenience of home draught without the need for electricity, so are perfect for a picnic.


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How do draught kegs work?

Once cooled to fridge temperature, these kegs can be used straight away. Simply aim the tube from the keg directly into your glass. If it's your first time using a mini keg, make sure to read the instructions on your purchased keg to get the perfect pour first time round.

While it might be tempting to stick to what you already know and love, why not use this opportunity to try something new with us. Some of beers we have on draught in 5L Kegs might not be familiar to you, but they are perfect for sharing between friends or simply to keep for a rainy day!

Blonde beers

Blonde beers are varied even within themselves, but they have similar traits. They are, as the name suggests, blonde in colour and tend to combine both fruity and hoppy flavours to achieve the distinctive caramel maltiness the brew style is famous for. Both Affligem and Pelforth Blonde are a great way to experience this beer style for newbies and old-timers alike, which is why they are in our 5l keg range. For more information about the blonde beer style, here's all you need to know!



Lagers are the style we are all probably most familiar with - they are often found at even the most remote pub and make up the majority of our range at Beerwulf. As with any other beer style, it's an umbrella of brewing techniques and flavours but what makes lagers so prevalent is their drinkability. Lager kegs are an ideal choice for a beer hamper, especially when planning for a large group, so take a look at what we have on offer. From this citrus burst of Desparados to more traditional brews, pick a lager that suits you!


German Wheat Beers

German wheat beers may sound very fancy, but they are actually one of the oldest brews in the world. Brewed with over 50% wheat, the resulting beer style is cloudy and fruity, with a spicy aftertaste. Sounds perfect for summer, right? We recommend pairing wheat beers, especially classics like Paulaner Weissbier, with any thing you will be putting on the barbeque, as the smoky flavours compliment the spice from the hops incredibly well. We even have some recipes specifically for pairing our favourite beers with your next BBQ, so check them out here if this has whet your appetite.

What else should l include in my beer hamper?

Keeping your beer cool is essential! Our 5l kegs fit nicely in most freezer bags, so add a few ice packs and you’ll be set - just make sure to cool the keg beforehand for the best experience.

We always recommend that you tap your beer into a glass, but in this case, it's probably wise to leave your glassware at home. Some high quality paper cups will allow you to enjoy your beer without the stress of shattered glass - and saves hauling them home with you! If you are bringing glassware, we recommend you keep them chilled also in your bag to ensure the perfect pour.

Now that the drinks are sorted, it's time for snacks! We all have our favourites and usual combinations, but in case you are in an experimental mood, why not try some of Beerwulf's employee suggestions? 

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What snacks do we enjoy?

  • Pickles! Fun fact, in Turkey, they often give you complimentary ones when you order a beer.
  • A charcuterie board is a must when drinking beer in the sun according to one employee, although some salami and ham with some olives from the supermarket works in a pinch.
  • Anything spicy! Light summer beers are amazing with Indian food, try poppadoms and mango chutney with your next pint, she swears by it!
  • One employee simply said: Nachos. Salsa. Cheese. Done.

Whatever you are enjoying this summer, bon appetit!