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Taste beer with the Spring PackTips for a spring tasting

The days are becoming longer, the temperatures are rising and nature is blossoming: it's spring time! Our Spring Pack will bring diversity into your home making it the perfect pack for a spring beer tasting. But how do you go about it?

Firstly you make sure you have enough clean glasses. Preferably special tasting glasses but this isn’t a must. If you have similar glasses for everyone then you should be just fine.

Make sure you have enough water ready to clean your pallet in between. Another option would be to have a tasty and suitable snack. Per course you should share a bottle of beer between two of three people.

Spring pack

Pack | 16 beers

Spring is here! And with it comes bright sunshine, longer days, and a new pack of delicious seasonal beers. We have carefully selected 16 Spring-time beers so you can welcome the first rays of sun in style. Cheers!

£ 29.95

Lightweight opening

Let’s start with a lightweight beer: Uilskuikentje is from the brewery Het Uiltje, which means owl. This brewer is known for their hoppy beers and this freshly hatched Uiltje is just that. Expect the taste of fruity citrus and tropical fruit undertones. The hint of coriander gives it a spring character, while the low alcohol percentage (2.9%) makes it perfect for the spring sun.

For an even fresher alternative taste, try Wild Swan from Thornbridge, a truly thirst-quenching beer with fruity tones. Another great option is Bitter & Twisted from Harviestoun, Scotland: a Golden Ale with a good balance of hop and malt with a dry finish.

White or honey?

Secondly we have a Limburgse Witte, a typical example of Belgian White Beer: thirst-quenching with spicy hints of coriander and orange. What stands out about this beer is the velvety soft feeling in your mouth.

Instead of this White Beer you could also choose Fuller’s Honey Dew, an organic Honey Beer that is easy to drink with a clear but not dominant taste of honey. Please note, this beer is not particularly sweet. Alternatively you can taste LB18 from Berging, a beer with a sweet basis and a slight floral character.

Sunny spring beers

Thirdly, let’s taste the spring beer from the St. Christoffel brewery. This brewery was founded in 1986 and, as such, is one of the founding fathers of the current Dutch brewing community. Their spring beer is surprising: bottom-fermented, refreshingly sour and fruity. Try with some goat’s cheese for the ultimate tasting experience.

For a Belgian option you should try Maneblusser Lente by Het Anker. It's brewed with wheat and orange peel, which makes this the Bock version of a White Beer: fruity and spicy, but stronger than a normal White Beer. 

Would you prefer a more typical version of a light coloured Bock? Try the Spring Bock from Budels. A soft Malt Beer with a floral, well-rounded finish.

Beer for the early spring sun

Rokkenjager by the Groningen brewer Bax is the fourth one you’ll be tasting. This beer is perfect for when it’s too cold to sit outside. Wrap up warmly in your coat and enjoy the early spring sun with a glass of this beer. The beer is orange and has a subtle caramel tone with a beautiful hop-like finish.

Another option for the fourth beer is the floral spring Pale Ale by Kees: Spring Blossom. This beer also has a subtle caramel tone and a hop-like, dry finish. The added blossoms and chosen hop sorts give this beer its floral character. 

For a spicy option try Chouffe Soleil, the sunny version of this Arden Blond. Spicy but also refreshing. Or taste the Lentebock by Brand, a Blond Beer with a fruity taste and slightly dry finish.

IPA as a closer

Closing your spring tasting with a good hoppy beer is always a great idea. For a not-too-subtle ending, try the American Tropical Bitch by Flying Dog. Its 8% strength makes it pretty powerful with a decent amount of hops as well: expect a good, bitter aftertaste. The added fruit hives it a sunny touch and the aftertaste lingers.

If you would prefer a more subtle beer, then Sound Wave by Siren is a great alternative. An IPA from England, brewed the American West Coast way: lots of hops. You’ll taste that in the citrus fruit. The finish is fairly dry, bitter and fruity.

Alternatively you could finish up with a French IPA: White Noise by Ninkasi, an IPA brewed with wheat. This gives the hoppy beer a soft character, which will remind you of the French spring sun.

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Spring pack

Pack | 16 beers

Spring is here! And with it comes bright sunshine, longer days, and a new pack of delicious seasonal beers. We have carefully selected 16 Spring-time beers so you can welcome the first rays of sun in style. Cheers!

£ 29.95

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