Shorter days and longer nightsOur favourite beers to enjoy after the clocks go back

The autumn and winter months are here, and they brought with them shorter days and longer, frostier nights. For most of us, this isn’t necessarily a time associated with enjoying an ice cold bottle of lager - so what else is on offer?

Winter calls for rich, strong, complex and spicy beers. Much like wine, winter beers are supped slowly, before or after a meal, and don’t need to be ice cold like summer beers. They are not there to quench the thirst; they’re there to taste and enjoy.

Try our autumn/winter selection

Named by the World Beer Cup and World Beer Awards 2018 as best tripel in the world within just 2 years of being released - can’t be a bad thing! The Lefort Tripel is packed with fruity and spicy flavours from the yeast, and has everything that’s needed from a tripel. Perfect for when the sun goes down, whatever time that might be. 

A classic beef stew is a perfect meal for when the days are getting shorter. Let it sit on the stove for hours on a low, slow heat. In the meantime, try this dubbel.

It goes especially well with classic beef beef bourguignon: those French herbs match nicely with the Gruit in the beer. It’s also perfectly acceptable to replace the wine with this beer in the dish.

This is one of the heaviest beers we have in the Beerwulf assortment. It is brewed in the Belgian tradition of heavy beers: sweet, with some dried fruit and caramel notes. Due to the alcohol content, it’s also very warming. But take your time with this one. Relax - you have an extra hour on your hands once the clocks change!

Bock is a typical autumn beer in the Netherlands. It suits the season well with its ruby colour and caramel taste. This is a special one, aged in bourbon barrel, which provides the vanilla-bourbon flavours. Perfect for really cold days.

UK Brewers Pack

A great example of UK craft breweries: 12 special beers!

We have selected 12 beers from 6 UK breweries to showcase the range of styles being produced in the UK.

This pack has a selection of core range and seasonal/special beers. You can sample Quench Quake, a tangerine and grapefruit sour from the powerhouse that is Brewdog right through to the highly impressive but classic version of a stout from West London brewery Moncada.

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Weizen is a beer almost everyone enjoys! This is an amber coloured one, so it has some slight caramel flavours, next to the typical weizen flavours of banana and clove. A perfect year-round weizen, but it’s even better in the darker, shorter days.

Fruity, drinkable and bitter: that's IPA. Searching for an IPA that’s not heavy, but suits the colder weather? A Rye Pale Ale is your beer! Rye gives the beer a warm, herbal touch, as well as a more silky mouthfeel.

Based on the Russian Imperial Stout, this is a classic one. This style of beer was invented to export stout to Russia, because the Tsarina was a big fan of it. Why? Because it's great during Russian winters! There are lots of roasted chocolate flavours, so it’s great with grilled or roasted beef, and delectable alongside dark chocolate desserts.

Some people think autumn is all about the pumpkin, but the season goes just as nicely with hazelnut. And this maty brown beer has plenty of it!


With each new season comes a whole new range of beers to explore! So what are you waiting for? Browse our whole selection and get ready to discover something new.


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