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Beer tasting with JasmynBeerwulf’s favourite beers

Who are the people behind Beerwulf and what are their favourite beers? On a cold, bright winter’s day, I joined Jasmyn (Paid Search Specialist) to taste her four favourite beers, and brought along four alternatives for her to try. We discovered flavours such as caramel, mango, chocolate, and even ‘old pub’. Jasmyn: “The fact that you can create all those flavours from the same ingredients. It’s very impressive.”

Brooklyn Lager

Jasmyn: “I first drank it two years ago and I was instantly taken in! It’s fresh and accessible, but with an extra dimension.”

Nathan: “Was that your first ever beer?”

J: “Certainly not, but before that I’d only really had Pilsners and a La Chouffe every now and then. La Chouffe is quite strong. This Brooklyn beer is similar to a Pilsner in terms of alcohol content (5.2%). But anyway, I’m not exactly a highly experienced beer taster.”

N: “This beer is bottom-fermented like a Pilsner. In comparison to a Pilsner, the Brooklyn Lager has a little more caramel and a nice hint of hops.”

J: “For me, it's an ideal alternative to a Pilsner. It’s a bit more interesting, but just as accessible. This is the kind of beer I like to drink when I’m in a pub or a party!”

N: “I totally agree, an accessible beer like this is perfect for those moments.”

N: “As an alternative, I brought Rapture by Magic Rock. The similarity lies mostly in the caramel. What do you think?”

J: “It's more bitter and sweeter! But it leaves that same caramel taste in your mouth. Tasty, but I think it's a bit stronger so it wouldn’t be my first choice at a party.”

N: “That’s funny, it’s actually weaker (4.6%)! Rapture is more full-bodied, sweeter and more bitter, but it has the same balance.”

 J: “That’s actually the ideal alcohol content for at a party. It’s got a very powerful flavour though!”

N: “Yes, it’s a bit more intense overall.”


Jasmyn: “I first tried this one when we visited the Noordt brewery. It’s was great to see the inside of such a brewery! And the brewer was my kind of guy. A Rotterdammer, born and bred, who doesn’t beat around the bush. This beer is nice and fresh, sweet, with a bit of lemon. Not overly complex, just tasty.”
Nathan: “That’s the signature style of the brewer, Peter Rouwen. Low in alcohol, full in flavour. He calls it an American Wheat Beer. Essentially, it’s a Weizen with more hop aromas. That's the citrus. Tropical Ralphie by Two Chefs Brewing is the same kind of beer: a Weizen, but with more hops. And it's from Amsterdam instead.”

J: “It smells good...tropical! It’s like a summery fruit juice. It’s a bit more exuberant, more showy. The Amsterdam equivalent. Delicious. Can this be my favourite?”  

N: “Of course! I love the tropical aromas too. It’s a difficult choice, but I prefer Noordtsingle. I like the honest character of the beer.”

J: “Character-wise, maybe Noordtsingle suits me more. It’s a tasty beer. But I think I’ll plump for the exuberance of Tropical Ralphie.”

Anchor Liberty Ale

Jasmyn: “This one’s your fault. You had me try this at the tasting that's part of the onboarding process.”

Nathan: “Ha, ha! Good. It’s an icon, just like the brewery, as it was pretty much the only brewery in the US in the 1960s that wasn’t brewing Pilsners.”

J: “I really like it. Not too complex, but flavourful. And it smells delicious. Mango, is that right?”

N: “Yes, that comes from the hops. It also has a resinous quality, which is also provided by the hops. It’s what characterises this beer. The best part of it is the good balance with the malt.”

J: “I like the balance too. That's what makes it so nice to drink.”

N: “Now, I’m curious what you’ll think of the Jopen Jacobus. It’s a Rye Pale Ale, so it’s brewed with rye. This one is also very well-balanced.”

J: “Gosh, this one is heavier. It makes me think of a traditional pub.”

N: “An old pub? I think it tastes like a very modern beer! Hoppy with citrus notes.”

J: “It's a little less fresh than the Anchor beer, correct?”

N: “I know what you mean. Jopen Jacobus has more malty notes from the rye. It's a bit spicy and quite complex actually. But it’s still fresh, right?”

J: “Yes, OK, the old pub association was a bit of an exaggeration. It’s fruity too, I agree. Liberty Ale is a bit more fruity, I think, which makes it seem fresher.”

Põhjala Must Kuld

Jasmyn: “I like strong flavours. This beer has a very robust taste. It’s syrupy. I taste coffee, dark chocolate and mocha. It's incredibly intense. It sticks to your mouth, as if you’ve just eaten lots of dark chocolate.”

Nathan: “For an inexperienced beer taster, this is a very adventurous choice. That’s great! It means you’re open to new flavours.”

J: “Yes, that’s true. I like that there are so many different sides to beer. The fact that you can create all those flavours from the same ingredients. It’s very impressive.”

N: “It’s fun to taste beer with someone who’s open to new flavour experiences. That's why I have no trepidation in introducing you to Roundhouse Kick by Crew Republic: an Imperial Stout from Germany. What do you think?”

J: “I like this one! It seems a bit more sour.”

N: “Yes it is. In the same way that coffee can have a sourness to it. And there’s a bit of toffee there too. However, the sour flavour does seem stronger after you’ve tasted the very sweet Põhjala.”

J: “Yes, after the second sip, it was less intense. It’s quite thick, but not syrupy. There’s a nice roasted flavour and I mostly taste chocolate at the end. And it sticks to your mouth.”

N: “A great way to end a tasting.

Paid Search Specialist

Nathan: “And finally, what does your job entail?”

J: “I make sure that people can easily find us on sites like Google. It's obviously extremely important for a webshop to be easy to find online. An optimal buying experience starts with the search engine. You have to be good with numbers and an analytical thinker. The more people that visit us through search engines and the more relevant the search terms, the more fun it is for me. For example, we don’t want someone who's looking to book a trip to India to land on our section about India Pale Ale. But someone who’s searching for a hoppy beer is exactly the person we want to visit that page.”

Brooklyn Lager

Lager | 5.2% | 36 cl

£ 2.79
Temporarily sold out

Brouwerij Noordt Noordtsingle

Lager | 4.5% | 33 cl

£ 2.79
Temporarily sold out

Two Chefs Brewing Tropical Ralphie

German Wheat Beer | 5.0% | 33 cl

£ 2.79
Temporarily sold out

Jopen Jacobus RPA

Pale Ale | 5.5% | 33 cl

£ 2.89
Temporarily sold out

Crew Republic Roundhouse Kick

Porter & Stout | 9.2% | 33 cl

£ 3.69
Temporarily sold out

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