International Beer Day offers 

International Beer Day was created to pay tribute to everyone involved in the beer industry. It's the perfect day to say a big thank you to all the brewers, bar staff and beer experts.

Discover for this occasion all our promotions below!

15% our Craft Lagers & German Wheat Beers

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15% off our Blonde beer range

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15% off our Dubbel and Tripel Beers

15% off our Craft IPAs

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When is International Beer Day?

It's 4th August 2023. Of course, here at Beerwulf, we want to make the most of the day so will be offering special discounts all week to mark the occasion.

How will we be celebrating? 

International Beer Day is designed to express thanks to all the hardworking and creative people working in the beer industry. Thank you to all the brewers, bar staff, beer mixologists and specialists who make our range as exciting and delicious as it is! In the spirit of celebrating everything beer, we want to encourage you to explore something that maybe you wouldn’t normally go for, or something you've always wanted to try, which is why we are offering our craft beer range for less this week to make them even more tempting. 

The day's founder has outlined 3 key reasons why they started this great tradition:

  1. To meet up with friends and enjoy a beer together - whether at home or at your local (or even at breweries)!
  2. To cheers to the people who brew and serve beer
  3. To unite us worldwide under one shared ethos: the greatest beer!

What are we offering for IBD?

We usually offer great deals on craft beers to celebrate the event. This is the perfect time to discover new craft beers - so give them a go and let us know on social media how your perfect pour is!