International day of beer

International Beer Day is designed to express thanks to all the hundreds of amazing craftspeople involved in providing you with beer. Thank you to all the brewers, bar staff, beer mixologists and specialists.  In the spirit of celebrating the craft, people are encouraged to explore something they wouldn’t normally go for, sipping outside their beer comfort zone, so to speak.

A day dedicated to honouring our favourite drink and its associations. The day's founder has outlined 3 key reasons for the celebration:

  1. To meet up with friends and enjoy a beer together (socially distanced of course)
  2. To cheers the people who brew and serve beer
  3. To unite us across the world under one shared ethos: the greatness beer

When is International Beer Day?

International Beer Day is celebrated on the first Friday of every August. This year it will be 7th August 2020.

How to celebrate International Beer Day?

In years gone by pubs and bars have hosted International Beer Day events, however this year it may be celebrated slightly differently. That doesn’t mean you can’t participate. 

In fact, all the more reason to buy The SUB. Recreate the pub experience with your very own home bar. Draught fresh pints from your kitchen. Professionally poured pints, chilled to perfection every time. 

Another great way to honour the day is reading about beer. Afterall, knowledge is power. We have lots of great articles that will show you how to navigate through the magical maze of specialty beer. 

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We also suggest ordering some interesting beers from the Beerwulf assortment. Try a new style, we have German wheat beers, white beers, porters, lagers, sours and more, there’s a big world of beer out there. Or really get in the spirit of things by giving the gift of beer. That’s one of our favourite things to do, besides drinking it ourselves. Make a beer lover’s day by sending them a beer case, straight to their door. You can either create your own, adding some interesting beers you think they will enjoy or pick one of our pre-selected cases. Whatever you pick they will love it!

So, whether you’re buying for yourself, gifting a friend or both, remember to buy in advance. You want to allow enough time for them to chill in the fridge. That means when the 7th August comes around you can crack open a cold one and raise a glass…if you can wait that long!

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