How to throw a summer beer party!Your ultimate guide

The real secret to a successful summer party lies in the abundance of cold beer and generous portions of delicious food. Not only this, if you can combine them all then you’re on to a winner. Yes we’re talking beers, beer flavoured food and beer games! Orchestrating all these essentials together can seem like an insurmountable challenge, that’s why we are here to help.

1. Pick the perfect craft beers to keep everyone merry

With the sun shining it’s important to keep your guests happy and the bevs flowing. It’s time to park the Porters and Stouts to make room for summery, more refreshing, but nevertheless as flavoursome beers. In our opinion the biggest reason for a successful beer party is of course, the beer. The selection of beer is crucial, that's why we’ve made it easy for you to pick the best beers for a summer party.

Why not try some IPAs, Fruit or Sours? For a great Session IPA, go for Life's a beach but if you're after fruity sours Walhalla’s Aphrodite is refreshingly fruity with raspberry notes.  How about a fresh, thirst quenching Witbier such as St. Bernardus White  or a Belgian Blond like the Affligem Blond

In fact, we have a selected 16 refreshing beers for our Summer Beer Pack to create the best collection of summery beers to accompany you during the warmest season of the year.

Summer beer case

16 summertime beers to welcome in the sun!

With Summer long behind us, gone are the picnics in the park and barbecues in the garden. But that doesn’t mean we can’t reminiscence about the warmth on our backs and sun on our face. Infact, what better way to take yourself back than with 16 summery, refreshing and fruity beers. Expect classic Blonds, grapefruit IPAs, a Mexican style Lager, low ABV session-ers and a fruity Witbier. It may no longer be summertime, but at least you can pretend it is!

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Beer selection 

  • Kees Pink Grapefruit
  • Crate Pale
    Pale Ale
  • Beavertown Bloody Ell
  • Gebrouwen Door Vrouwen Zonnig Zeewit
  • Grailee's
  • Desperado's
  • Gallia
    Session IPA
  • Sol

Or if you would rather select your own, why not read our detailed article on the best summer beers 2019! Our beer experts really know their stuff and can guide you to find the most refreshing beers going.

Best Summer Beers 2019

Anyone from the UK will understand the need for the Session IPA, every bit as hoppy and punchy but with less of the alcohol. As the name might suggest, that means you can drink these lower ABV beers during an all-day “session”. If alcohol moderation is a concern why not offer the British classic, Shandy, to your guests. Other people may mock the equal part beer and lemonade concoction but a Shandy or Radler is a great way to enjoy your favourite beer on a hot summers day. When selecting your beers go for a light Lager, Pilsner or even a Witbier . If you’re more into an IPA this can work too if you opt for a lighter one! Crate brew a satisfyingly sessionable low ABV IPA or if you fancy something fruitier go for the Fourpure Easy Peeler.

Although everyone is most familiar with a Shandy there are actually lots of cocktails you can create to impress and satiate your guests. Read the Beerwulf article about how to make the best beer cocktail.

Best beer cocktails

And remember, no need to carry heavy bottles back to your house, get it delivered from Beerwulf straight to your door. Not only that, postage is free when you purchase a full box!

2. Draught pub quality pints

Impress your pals with The SUB home draught system. The smooth way to dispense pub quality beers from the comfort of your home. Choose from over 30 beer TORPS (2L keg), including Lagunitas IPA, Newcastle Brown ale, Heineken, Fourpure Session IPA and La Chouffe. The SUB keeps beers fresh for 15 days and keeps your pint perfectly chilled. Plug it in, load it up and get the party started!

We also have some new models, now available in white and metallic red!

The SUB Compact Black


Compatible with 2 litre SUB Kegs

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The SUB Classic Metallic Red


Compatible with 2 litre SUB Kegs

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3. Pick the perfect menu and beer pairings 

Whether you’re feeding 15 people or planning a more intimate party for 5, your menu will be make or break. Get the barbecue fired up and whack on your favourites. Whether it's prime steaks, fancy chops, seafood skewers, grilled fish or spicy prawns, for smaller affairs you want the WOW factor.

Erdinger Hefeweizen

If you want to get really beery why not try a beer marinade. The key principle is not to use anything that is too hoppy, as this will turn harsh and bitter when cooked. Dark, malty ones are good. Remember darker beers for red meats, and lighter beers for chicken and pork. For chicken you can't go wrong with a mixture of Lager, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco and Dijon mustard.

Jopen Mooie IPA

A spray bottle can also be a handy cooking tool for barbecuing meat. Select your favourite beer, add a dash of water and some herbs into a spritz bottle and mix vigorously.

Continually spritz your meat throughout the final cooking process. Please be careful though and do not spritz directly into flames.

Planning to feed the masses? Keep it simple. Burgers, hot dogs (try a German style Hefeweizen from Erdinger) and veggie skewers! Beers and burgers are a heavenly duo. The fat and salt from the burger is beautifully balanced by the CO2 from beers.

Top combos: American style  burgers go hand in hand with American style IPA’s: Gandolf IPA 2L keg is great if you own THE SUB. If you are not lucky enough however, Jopen Mooie Nel, Stone IPA and  Stone Ruination are delicious alternatives. The main rule of thumb with foodpairing is to match intensity of flavour to intensity or strength of beers. So if you want a brawny, flavoursome, intense burger you can even go for something like Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter.

Corn on the cobs alway goes down well at barbecues, match this with a Green bullet IPA by Two Chef's Brewing.




4. Soak your wood chips

Here’s a clever hack for the grill lovers: soak your wood chips in beer. You can basically turn your grill into a home smoker with beer. The moisture in the chips slows down the combustion rate making the chip smolder, giving off lots of flavour. All you need to do is soak wood chips in beer of your choice overnight, then when you heat the chips the smokey beery goodness will flavour your food. Try the keep the lid on the barbecue as much as possible, you want as much of the smoke to impart onto your food! If you would rather save your beer then water and whiskey work also. 

5. Music

You cannot host a party without some serious tunes. The music playlist is what will set the tone of the day, think hard about the environment you want to create. Do you want 100% chiller vibes, 80’s disco or Trop house?

Depending on what kind of event you're planning, you want your playlist to be longer than you expect the party to last, you don’t want songs on repeat! And you certainly don’t want guests living out their unfulfilled DJing careers. Creating a playlist with all your favourite songs shouldn't be a burden but if that’s not your idea of fun then Spotify has a lot of pre made playlists designed for every ambience.

6. Set up games

Who doesn’t love games?! Especially if you have competitive friends that might cause some healthy rivalry. If your feeling full of energy - space permitting- then try cricket, volley ball or even some croquet!? Or, if you had something slightly wilder in mind beer games such as Beerpong and Flipcup always get the party going. All you need is cups and beer. However, as beer fanatics, at Beerwulf we would always rather sit and enjoy the taste of our beers!

Something for the true beer lovers: beer tasting

For a successful beer tasting you need at least 5 or even 6 types of beer. You might want to choose different styles; get a variety of interesting options that include Saisons, Dubbels, Ales and even Extra Stouts. Generally, it’s more fun to get a range of different types from different breweries and countries. Themed tastings are also fun, with only Belgian beers, or a variety of IPA’s. When tasting, split 1 bottle with 3 people. Choosing beers for your tasting needn't be difficult though, look no further than our Tasting Pack.

We’ve even got a handy tasting form, this can help with the insights and maybe you'll even learn something from your co-tasters.


Beer Tasting pack

16 beers, a range of different styles and breweries

You want to discover the diversity of the beer landscape and taste different beer styles? You’re having some friends over and want to organize a blind beer tasting?
Or you just want to try some new beers? Don’t search any longer, we have the perfect pack for you! 16 beers and styles from 16 different breweries. From a Saison to an Extra Stout, discover which style is your favourite.

Don’t forget to drink water and eat something neutral between every tasting to fully appreciate the different flavours of each beer.

Download your tasting form

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Finally, we recommend giving prices for the games winners. Why not reward the winning Beerpong team or the person with the most creative tasting ideas.

What better gift than more beer. But remember, always drink responsibly.  Cheers to that! 

Affligem Blond - SUB Keg

Blond Beer | 6.8% | 2 Litres

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Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter

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St. Bernardus Wit

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Two Chefs Brewing Green Bullet IPA

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Fourpure Hemisphere Session IPA - SUB Keg

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Hofbräu Kaltenhausen Gandolf IPA - SUB Keg

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Affligem Blond

Blond Beer | 6.8% | 30 cl

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Erdinger Hefeweizen

German Wheat Beer | 5.3% | 33 cl

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Walhalla Aphrodite Raspberry Berliner Weisse

Sour Beer | 4.0% | 33 cl

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La Chouffe Blonde D'ardenne - SUB Keg

Blond Beer | 8.0% | 2 Litres

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The SUB Compact Black


Compatible with 2 litre SUB Kegs

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The SUB Classic Red


Compatible with 2 litre SUB Kegs

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Tiger - SUB Keg

Lager | 4.8% | 2 Litres

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Lagunitas IPA - SUB Keg

IPA | 6.2% | 2 Litres

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Amstel - SUB Keg

Lager | 5.0% | 2 Litres

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Desperados - SUB Keg

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