Now that the sun (occasionally) is here and we are truly into the summer months, it's time to crack out the sun cream and some refreshing pints. Here are some tips for how to optimise your outdoor space at home so you can create your dream home pub garden/shed/patio/balcony this summer!

If you have a balcony...

Unless you are gifted with space in the countryside, there is a good chance that your options for home pub gardens will be restricted to a balcony. But never fear, where there is a beer tap, there is a way! You can make the most of whatever space you have to make sure you can enjoy refreshing beers in the sun this summer.

Getting set-up

The SUB only needs an A4 print paper's amount of space and a plug so anyone with a balcony and an extension cord can make this work. 

Find out which beer tap suits you here!

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Let's get decorating!

Wood all the way...

Palettes are a really affordable and durable solution for balcony storage! Often available for free from local shops, you can use them as tables, shelves and seating options. Alternatively, second-hand shops often have great finds that will add a homely touch to any space for great prices. Natural materials have been found to increase feelings of comfort, so use them wherever you can to bring the true pub vibe to life!

Lights are everything to a pub garden

What makes a good pub garden? Well, you wouldn't be able to see it without good lighting. You already have the extension cord out for The SUB, so reusing your christmas tree lights on your balcony is an easy fix to get some quick lighting! 

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Beer advice

Now comes the key question: What is the best beer for hot weather? 

Of course, a refreshing lager is always a cracking option. Desperados was mentioned earlier, and if you haven't been living under a well-insulated rock, you'll probably already have tried it! Along with this no-brainer, Sol, Heineken and Puntigamer along with any malty brew will see you through summer nice and refreshed. 

Alternatively, if you want to spice it up, we highly recommend Affligem Fris Blond which has all the flavour of a rich blond at only 4.6% ABV. 

IPAs are also a classic summery staple of any beer tap, with our current favourites being Fourpure Hazy Pale Ale, Lagunitas and Brewdog IPA.


Even though the weather is great and the beer is delicious, there is always one thing missing: the right glasses. The way a beer is drunk has a major influence on the experience. Taste and experience change completely with a different glass. So to really complete your summer beer experience, we also have different glasses in our range. Pro tip: Put your glasses in the fridge to keep the beer cold longer.

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Making the most of your space

Of course, if you have a garden, there is a bit more to work with. Our BLADE community have (in our opinion) some of the greatest pub sheds out there so if that is something you are interested in that is entirely possible for you to aim for to if you have the space. 

Adding a beer fridge

Keeping beer cold is obviously the goal, but for those new to the beer fridge game, they need a bit of power. Make sure to plan out what needs electricity in your pub shed/patio/garden area to not fry your electrics or be left holding a plug 10 metres from the socket. 

Keeping your machines cool

Leaving a cooling device in direct sunlight is never the best idea, so we recommend that you keep your beer tap in shade to ensure the cooling system can function effectively. 

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Food pairings

What do we love almost as much as beer? Pub snacks. To achieve your ultimate pub garden dreams, we recommend you stock up on some salty, sweet and moreish snacks to get you through the hottest of heatwaves. 

We have tons of beer pairing ideas that you can try, all listed here.

Alternatively, when making your keg order, check the description of the beer and it should include some recommendations for you to enjoy with it straight from the brewers themselves!


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