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Make your own Halloween beer tap

Halloween is as good a reason as any to throw a party, but how can you kick it up a notch for the adults? Forget carving scary faces into pumpkins, because we’re going to show you how to turn them into something much more interesting: beer taps.

Pumpkin Ale

If you want to go really authentic, the best thing to serve at a Halloween party is a pumpkin beer, such as the Bird Brewery Miss ScarecrowThis beer is brewed with herbs and pumpkin with a sweet and spicy aftertaste.  There are many other examples but as with with any tradition including Dutch bock beers  or Belgian Christmas beers, the associated beers tend to be seasonal and brewed exclusively around that time.  Crate Sticky Toffee Stout is available all year round and although no pumpkin, is brewed with caramel and toffee. The low alcohol content also makes it incredibly drinkable! But dark, spicy brews are not for everyone, it might be best to keep it aside for the true pumpkin beer fans and fill up the tap with something more easygoing!

To make your pumpkin tap, you will need:

- One large pumpkin

- A serrated knife

- A marker pen

- A spoon

- A few bottles or cans of your favourite beer

- A tap

- A drill (or something suitable to make a hole for the tap)

How it's done:

1. Hollow it out

First, mark the top of the pumpkin with your pen where you will open it. Then, carefully cut the top off and remove it. Don't throw this part away, though - you will need to close your tap once you’re finished.

Using your spoon, scoop out the insides of the pumpkin. Make sure to remove all the seeds so they can’t get stuck in the tap. You can decide how much soft flesh you want to leave in the pumpkin, depending on how much extra pumpkin flavour you want to add to your beer!

2. Add the tap

When your pumpkin is completely empty, you can attach the tap. Drill a hole almost at the bottom where the pipe of your tap just fits through. Attach your tap to the pumpkin and make sure it won't leak.


3. Fill it with beer

I decided to fill my pumpkin with Weihenstephaner Korbinian, fullbodied Doppelbock with hints of dark fruit and nuts, perfect for the Autumn season. But try experimenting with any flavour you like. A spicy, amber or heavy beer would be my recommendation.

Once you've chosen, carefully fill the pumpkin with your beer. Don’t be fooled by the size of the pumpkin: even a small one can hold about 2 litres of beer!

With your beer safely inside, your homemade pumpkin beer tap is ready! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did here at Beerwulf. Cheers!

If this all sounds like too much work, we have the perfect solution. We have a tap ready prepared...introducing The SUB, the ultimate home beer tap. No need for serrated knives and marker pens, just plug this in, load your 2L kegs and you're ready to pour. We did have lots of fun making the pumpkin tap, but we have to admit, The SUB does pour a perfect pint. Sorry we didn't mention it earlier! 

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