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The best craft beer festivals in the UKMark the dates!

Sunshine and rising temperatures call for fresh and new beer. Personally, we cannot imagine anything better than going to a beer festival to discover new beers in a great atmosphere. To help you out, we’ve collected the best craft beer festivals starting this spring.

calendar icon hop city

29 – 31 March | Hop City Leeds

This is the first hop-led festival of the UK with thirty-three breweries. The best hoppy beers brewed by Magic Rock, Siren, Fourpure and many more will be showcased!  


icon newcastle 42

11 - 14 April | 42nd Newcastle Beer and Cider Festival

The Newcastle Beer and Cider Festival takes place for the 42nd time already. It takes place at the Students Union at Northumbria university and features real alea and ciders.


icon newcastle 42

12 - 14 April | Farnham Beerex 2018

This event is 100% volunteer-run with all proceeds going to charity. Each day brings different live bands and 60 to 70 beers and ales along with 50 barrels of cider and perry - all at extremely reasonable prices.


icon brighton tap take over

27 – 29 April | Tap Take Over Brighton

This event brings the beer festival back to the pub. Over 100 beers from 18 incredible beers are participating. Amongst them are First Chop, Gipsy Hill, Fourpure, Wild Beer and many more. Together they will be taking over 15 of the best pubs of Brighton.


icon fem ale festival

4 – 6 May | Fem Ale Festival Brighton

This festival is a very special one and celebrates women in the brewing industry. It showcases beer exclusively brewed by women. On top of that there’s female led music as well as panels and discussions. Cheers to Brewster beers!


icon fem ale festival

5 – 13 May | Oxford Beer Week

A series of events taking over Oxford for the week. Head to the festival's participating bars, clubs and shops to explore Oxford's diverse local brewers and their exciting new offerings.


icon brewers market leeds

11 – 12 May | Brewers Market Leeds

Another great festival in Leeds! So far Fourpure and Thornbridge are amongst the first selection with many more to come.


icon beertown malton

17 – 19 May | Beertown Malton

For three days, Malton turns into a theatre of beer. More than 60 beers will be there for you to taste. The beer list is not published yet, but the list from last year, with Thornbridge, Gipsy Hill, Fierce and Mad Hatter, is more than promising.


icon beertown malton

17 – 19 May | Kidderminster Beer and Cider Festival 2018

Last year's festival boasted a total of 54 beers and 16 ciders and perries, soft drinks, plus an array of locally produced wines and fruit wines. This year's event is not to be missed, and it all takes place just 10 minutes' walk from Kidderminster railway station


icon cottingham

18 – 19 May | Cottingham Craft Beer and Cider Festival

In the Lawns Centre, the finest local real ales and ciders will be presented. Noteworthy is also the delicious food and live entertainment.


icon uppers & downers london

19 May | Uppers & Downers London

A one of a kind craft beer festival - Uppers & Downers brings together roasters and brewers. Experimental coffee beer will be created on this day. Magic Rock, Siren, Fourpure, Weird Beard and many more are participating!


icon edinburg craft beer

25 – 27 May | Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival

Over the last May Bank Holiday weekend, you can explore hundreds of special beers from not only Scotland’s finest brewers but from all around the world. Some of the many noteworthy brewers are Brewdog, Thornbridge, Buxton, Fierce, Siren, Wild Beer and Gipsy Hill.


icon belfast craft beer

1 – 2 June | Belfast Craft Beer Festival

The best Irish craft beer, live music and exclusive brewers talks: this festival really has something for everyone.


icon belfast craft beer

1 – 2 June | Ales Tales London

This is a must go for every Belgian beer lover! It's the only beer festival entirely dedicated to Belgian craft beer with more than 70 different beers from 20 Belgian craft brewers. Since their debut last year, 10 new breweries have been added as well as live music and food pairing experiences.


icon fynefest

1 – 3 June | FyneFest Argyll

FyneFest is a three-day celebration of beer, food and music. It's set at the top of Scotland's longest sea loch with camping opportunities! Some of the confirmed breweries so far are Brewdog, Magic Rock, Buxton, Tiny Rebel and Siren.


icon nottingham

9 – 16 June | Nottingham Craft Beer Week

The Nottingham Craft Beer Week is all about local beers from around the area. The craft beer scene is Nottingham is growing and more than 30 bars and breweries are part of the experience!


icon magic rock

9 June | Sesh Fest Invitational 2018 | Magic Rock

Set up by Magic Rock Brewing, this festival is the place for breweries to get together and inspire each other. Another thing that sets this festival apart is that only  session beers under 4.5% abv will be served. Perfect to taste many beers on this early summer day. Buxton, Siren, Kees and Wild Beer are amongst the participating breweries.


icon guildford

15 – 16 June | Guilford Beer Festival

The Guilford Beer Festival will take place for the 9th time already. Around 120 ales and craft beers from local independent and micro-breweries will be showcased. Being hosted by the Guildford Cricket Club, this is the perfect event for summer.


icon chelmsford

10 – 14 July | Chelmsford Summer Beer & Cider Festival

Don't miss out on more than 300 real ales and live music during the Chelmsford Summer Beer & Cider Festival.


icon liverpool

26 – 29 July | Craft Beer Expo Liverpool

The Craft Beer Expo in Liverpool is a modern craft beer festival with more than 300 beers from ground-breaking and innovative breweries from the UK, Europe and beyond. Magic Rock, Fierce, Thornbridge and many more will be featured.


icon birmingham

28 – 29 July | Craft Drink Festival Birmingham

This festival is brand new, featuring the finest craft beer and ciders. The food trucks will serve up hand-crafted food and on top of that you will have comedy, workshops and live music for your entertainment.


icon london craft beer

3 – 5 August | London Craft Beer Festival

For three days the very best of the craft beer culture is gathering in London. Don’t miss out on all the delicious beers from the many breweries, live music and mouthwatering food. The list of brewers is endless but here is a little teaser for you: Oedipus, Gipsy Hill, Brewdog, Wild Beer, Magic Rock, Buxton, Põhjala, Weird Beard, Siren, Fierce.


icon london craft beer

3 – 5 August | Chester Beer and Wine Festival

Join over 1000 people enjoying extraordinary craft beers, speciality wines and spirits in this 150 year-old Hoole Community Centre building.


icon great british

7 – 11 August | Great British Beer Festival London

The great British Beer Festival can be compared to a world trip around all very best pubs. It showcases real ale and other craft beers as well as Cider. While tasting the very best of the best, you can enjoy London street food and live music.


icon beavertown

7 – 8 September | Beavertown Extravaganza

Initiated by Beavertown, this event brings 90 of the top brewers together in London. There will be more beer than ever, fresher than ever!


icon leeds international

6 – 9 September | Leeds International Beer Festival

Get ready for a four-day celebration of British and international craft beer. More than 100 beers and ciders are awaiting you. A food market and live music add to the ultimate festival feeling. Stay tuned for beers from De Molen, Galway Bay, Het Uiltje and more.


icon bristol craft

14 - 16 September | Bristol Craft Beer Festival

During three days, the modern beer culture of craft beer is celebrated at the Bristol Harbourside. Besides amazing craft beers from independent breweries, you can also expect delicious food and headline music talent. The brewery-line up will be made available in April and our expectations are high!


icon indy manchester

4 – 7 October | Indy Man Beer Con Manchester

The Independent Manchester Beer Convention is taking place for the 7th time already. You can find the most progressive and forward thinking breweries breweries from the UK and beyond. Expect multisensory, headlong, hop- forward beer!


icon newcastle

18 – 20 October | Craft Beer Calling Newcastle

World leading craft breweries will all come together in Newcastle. Magic Rock and Siren are among the first breweries announced for this festival and we’re excited for further announcements. The nice thing is that you will be able to interact with them and really get to know them.

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