How to "cheers" in 10+ different languages

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Cheers in Danish


Pronounced: Skoal
Translation: “Cheers"

Cheers in Dutch


Pronounced: Prohst
Translation: “Cheers”

Cheers in French 


Pronounced: Sahn-tay 
Translation: “Cheers”

Cheers in German


Pronounced: Prohst
Translation: “Cheers”

Cheers in Greek


Pronounced: Ya-Mas
Translation: “Health”

Cheers in Italian 


Pronounced: Saw-lutay
Translation: “Health”

Cheers in Polish

Na zdrowie

Pronounced: Naz-droh-vee-ay
Translation: “Cheers”

Cheers in Portuguese


Pronounced: Saw-OO-de
Translation: "Health"

Cheers in Spanish


Pronounced: Sah-lud
Translation: “Health”

Cheers in Swedish


Pronounced: Skawl
Translation: “Cheers”

Cheers in Romanian


Pronounced: No-rock
Translation: "cheers"

Cheers in Welsh

lechyd da

Pronounced: Yeh-chid dah
Translation: "good health"

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The tradition of toasting, or glass clinking to good health spans across around the world. And we at Beerwulf are no different. As a business we are proud to be an international company, both in terms of our work but also our employees but also in bringing lots of cheer and tasty beer to our customers. As a result, we like to celebrate and toast to this as much as possible.

We like to celebrate and toast to this as much as possible, so rounded up different “cheers”-style greetings from across the globe. Not least as an excuse to drink our favourite beers at work. Whilst they don’t all literally translate; most are the go-to drink-clinking greeting for their respective country or culture. From an old-school Spanish “salud” to a typical French toast, we cover a few of the languages spoken at Beerwulf. Learn how to say “cheers” in another language so next time you are in company of someone from that country, you can do their culture justice and say "bottoms up" properly.

So let's toast to good health and a long and fruitful life. Cheers! 


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