Best non-alcoholic beer

Discover the best non-alcoholic beers based on popular favourites, bestsellers and award winners. All the same great flavour, without the alcohol.

Best alcohol-free beer

Non-alcoholic beer is more popular than ever, as evidenced through production figures, increasing varieties and developments of flavour. Use this list to guide you through the best, it includes all your favourites; Erdinger, Paulaner, Budweiser and Brewdog. The only difference is, they are all low in alcohol!

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discover non-alcoholic beer

Best non-alcoholic beer 2020, here we go!

  1. Brewdog Nanny State: IPA - 0.5%

From Scotland

Nanny State is a copper-coloured beer with a pale head. This beer is brewed with a small amount of specialty malt and a lot of hops. It looks and smells like a serious beer.  

Brewdog themselves claim they made a "hardcore beer and left the alcohol out. Nanny State breaks the curfew and slips under the radar," and they are absolutely correct!

Strong berry flavours with a citrus injection, it’s tantalisingly delicious!


  1. VandeStreek Playground: IPA – 0.5% 

VandeStreek playground

From The Netherlands

In May 2019, vandeStreek opened the doors of its new brewery in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Whilst Playground IPA is new on the scene; proof of their brewing prowess comes from the 3 awards they have previously won at the World Beer Awards. 

This beer is brewed from 5 different American types of hops including, Mosaic, Citra and Cascade. This gives it all the citrus and tropical flavours whilst adding a nice bitterness.  vandeStreek Playground IPA has a smooth and well balanced flavour, distinctive aroma and fully body.

Absolutely no compromises. 

  1. BRLO Naked: Pale ale- 0.2%

From Germany

BRLO Naked alcohol free pale aleBRLO Naked is a very tasty non alcoholic beer, with tropical, citrus, earthy and herbal notes. It starts sweet with a perfectly balanced but bitter finish. A pale ale perfect for balmy summer nights.

This pale ale of the Berlin based BRLO is listed on Rate Beer among the top 50 international non-alcoholic beers !


  1. Kreativbrauerei Kehrwieder: India pale ale - 0.4%

    Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei alcohol free

From Germany

Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei's ü.NN the first German non-alcoholic India pale ale. It is refreshing, full of fruits like mango, pineapple and lime. Packed with a fantastic hoppy aroma and a moderate bitterness like a smooth IPA.

It has also done well with beer sommeliers, üNN has already won several awards including Gold at both The Craft Beer Awards and European Beer Star.

In short: it's extremely delicious! 

  1. Paulaner Hefe Weissbier – 0.5% 

From Germany

Paulaner alcohol free

Paulaner Brewery started in the Bavarian capital Munich in a monastery around 1634. Their beer is now consumed in over 70 countries and is still one of the six breweries who provide Oktoberfestbier for Oktoberfest. 

 Paulaner Hefe Weissbier Alcohol Free is a classic, Bavarian Witbier full of typical fruit notes and is devilishly refreshing. The non-alcohol version is said to boast the same full Weissbier flavour as its alcoholic big brother. 

A real thirst quencher, the refreshing taste of a true Bavarian experience.

  1. Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Alcohol Free: Weizen – 0.5%

From Germany

Alcohol free Wheat beer

Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier is a three time World Beer Award winning alcohol-free beer. This golden yellow Weizen is deliciously clove-y and refreshingly banana-y! It's fresh and full of flavour.

Weihenstephaner is commonly considered the oldest brewery in the world and have won multiple awards over many categories. Their demonstrated experience, tradition and ability to adopt the latest technology enables them to also brew a perfect, non alcoholic Hefeweizen.  

  1. Brugse Zot Sport Zot: Blond – 0.4%

From Belgium

Brugse Zot Sport Zot is the brilliant non-alcoholic version of the famous Brugse Zot from Bruges. 

And, of course, it has the same delicious properties. Characteristic fruity flavours work well with the malty base. The fresh sour undertone works perfectly to counterbalance the slight sweetness, creating a pretty bitter finish!

The brewers of De Halve Maan developed a filtration process to remove the alcohol from the original ‘Brugse Zot’ whilst retaining its character. This filtration technique can take 40 hours and is a world first. It ensures that the beer only needs to be distilled once and the flavours of Brugse Zot are completely preserved. 

Alcohol free Palm

  1. Palm 0.0 : Belgian Amber – 0.0%

From Belgium

Palm 0.0 is a thirst quenching non alcoholic beer with a mild caramelly character with honey-like undertones. It is fermented with a special palm yeast, which interrupts the alcohol process before the alcohol is formed. 

It tastes malty and surprisingly bitter. This beer has a relatively full taste and an amber foam. 

  1. Budweiser B:Free : Pils - 0.5%

    From Czech Republic

Budweiser alcohol freeThe Budweiser Budvar B-Free is a yellow to gold coloured lager. This beer has a tiny foam head and quite a malty nose. The taste however, spice with a hint of bitterness. No flavour is removed from the sweet-bitter notes, just the alcohol!

  1. Erdinger Alcohol Free: Weizen - 0.5%

From Germany

With the characteristic banana aroma that comes with Weizen, Erdinger Alcohol free is as tasty as they come.  Erdinger brewmasters have successfully brewed an aromatic, non-alcoholic Weizen, whilst maintaining the distinctive Erdinger character. Fresh, bright and slightly bitter.

Erdinger non alcoholic beer has been promoted with a healthy “isotonic, vitamin-rich, reduced calories" label in Germany. 

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