If you own a SUB, you will understand the pure joy of home draught pints. The absolute elation of deciding you want an ice cool, refreshing beer and having one in your hands in a matter of mere minutes. There is no better feeling. Sadly, if you are familiar with this, it’s likely you are familiar with the devastating realisation you have an empty SUB and fridge. You got through your last kegs and completely forgot to reorder. Unfortunately, it’s happened to the best of us. But not anymore!

With our Keg SUBscription be comforted in the knowledge that you will always have a healthy stash of SUB Kegs just waiting to be enjoyed. You needn't settle for anything less. Empty, poorly stocked fridges are now a thing of the past.

What is the Beerwulf Keg SUBscription

It's a SUBscription service that delivers a case of tasty SUB Kegs, straight to your door on a regular basis. No scheduling, no reordering, no messing around. It’s just a one-off order where you select your preferences, and we do all the leg work.

How it works 

  Choose one of the 12 SUBscription plans, depending on the brand of kegs you want. Choose between fortnightlymonthly or bi-monthly deliveries. Just pick the beers and frequency that works for you.

  You will save off on every shipment. You save £ 5 on every shipment (vs regular onsite prices), so £ 30 for every 6 deliveries. And priority delivery is FREE on all plans.

  Once you've signed up, we'll take care of the rest! Meaning we'll automatically debit the money for each delivery you just need to sit back and wait for the beers to arrive.


SUBscribe & Save now

Monthly beer SUBscription?

You can choose when to get your case delivered; fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly. How frequently you would like to receive a delivery of SUB Kegs is entirely up to you. You can get 8x kegs delivered every month, or, if you don't drink that many, you can choose to have 8x kegs delivered once every 2 months. 

If you really love draught pints (who doesn't?), you can also get 8x Heineken SUB Kegs delivered fortnightly with our Heineken Super SUBscription. 

It really is up to you. Our plans were designed to fit into your lifestyle and drinking habits! So you pick what works best. What's really great is you have full autonomy over your SUBscription, all of your preferences can be managed in your personal login. Everything from delivery address to billing details  are  accessible from here .

Beer SUBscription options

Currently there are 4 different beers to choose from, with a total of 12 combinations.

The beer options are as follows :

  • 4 x different surprise kegs (monthly)
  • 4 x Heineken + 4 x Birra Moretti Baffo D'oro (monthly or bi-monthly)
  • 8 x Amstel (monthly or bi-monthly)
  • 8 x Birra Moretti Baffo d'Oro (monthly or bi-monthly)
  • 8 x Birra Moretti L'Autentica (monthly or bi-monthly)
  • 8 x Heineken (fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly)

So select the keg brand or brands you want and then choose how frequently you'd like to receive them!

Beer SUBscription payment

Your first payment will be taken at the time of signing up and then your first delivery will be sent at the first available delivery slot, usually within 2 working days. Your next payment will then be taken on the same calendar date in 1 or 2 months depending on whether you selected a monthly or bi-monthly plan.

Best beer SUBcription 

Our Keg SUBcription is the best going! It offers a great selection of beer kegs, with hassle-free, easy ordering, great savings and FREE delivery. Subscribe today and you will be sipping your favourite draught beers from the comfort of your sofa in no time. The best part is, if you get through them, you can be rest assured the following installation is already sorted and scheduled. The hardest bit will be having to wait for the next one! See, we told you, it is the best. 

Beer SUBscription gift 

The Beerwulf Keg SUBscription is the ultimate gift for any beer lover. Beer! Sent in regular shipments! If the beer lover in your life, like us, prefers premium draft, pub quality pints with some real flavor then it's an obvious gift. 

Keep them stock up with a beery gift that literally keeps on giving.