The explosion of the craft beer scene has meant it has become increasingly easy to get hold of good quality beers. With an upsurge in crafty cans, one-off collabs and independent new releases, the market is awash with hoppy goodness. We aren’t complaining of course, this is what our dreams are made of. But with every supermarket, off license and specialist all releasing “the next best thing” in craft beer, the influx of choice can make buying beers a bit of a minefield.  Sound familiar? We have just the thing for you.

Beer subscription box 

Get a curated beer box, created by our expert in-house beer sommeliers, delivered to your door on a regular basis. You pay upfront, meaning once you’ve made the transaction you do not need to worry about it again. No scheduling, no further payments, no messing around. It’s just a one-off payment and we do all the leg work.

The other very important thing to note is that you are guaranteed to make a saving. The one-off price offers a better value than 3x or 6x individual purchases AND you don’t pay for delivery.

If you prefer to fill your fridge with loose bottles, then our Belgian Beer Subscription sounds like the one for you. We love this case because it's packed with Belgium’s most beloved styles. We are talking, Trappist favourites like Tripels, Dubbels, saisons and Blonds and that’s just naming a few! 

If you are SUB owner, then you too can get involved in this fantastic subscription model. With our keg subscription, you select the assortment you want, and we will deliver this same pack 3 times over the selected time period. We get it, you want to make sure your fridge is always stocked up with the beers you know you love.

You’ll be sipping your favourite beers or ciders from the comfort of your sofa in no time, and if you get through them you can be rest assured the following month’s instalment is already scheduled. The only issue will be having to wait for the next one!

Beer subscription gift 

A 3 or 6 month beer subscription is the ultimate gift for any beer lover. Beer! Sent every month! If the beer lover in your life, like us, prefers premium beer with some real flavour then our crafty subscription seems like an obvious gift. Each monthly subscription case is crammed with 16 boozy delights from 16 quality and reputable breweries. Or 8 brewery-fresh kegs of tasty beer if your beer loving recipient enjoys draught pints instead. If they are a SUB owner, then one of our keg bundles will be perfect and if they are not we also offer a bundle that includes a SUB in the first delivery.

Save them the hassle of staring hopelessly at the endless rows of beers with a curated beery gift, a gift that literally keeps on giving (well 3 or 6 times).

How it works 

 Choose a subscription box, for yourself or as a gift

 Receive a specially curated beer case to the front door

 Discover your preferences and enjoy exceptional beer whilst you’re at it!

All you need to do is make one transaction and we will take care of the rest. Each month we will deliver a beer case straight to your door. Once you have made the purchase you will receive an email confirming you order. We will also notify you when each shipment is being dispatched.

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What does it cost 

The total price of the 3x keg subscription boxes start from £164.95. It's less than £7 per keg. That’s a 14% saving and free delivery!

The total price of the 6x keg subscription box is  £299.95. It's only £6.25 per keg. That’s a 22% saving and free delivery!

The total price of the 3x beer cases will be £109.95. It's less than £2.30 per beer. That’s a 7% saving and free delivery!

What you will get

With the keg subscription you will get a box of 8x 2L kegs, choose from the bestsellers,  the Variety keg case, Cider Lovers or the SUB Start Pack. The second and third boxes will be the same as the first. That’s 24 kegs in 3 identical instalments or 48 in 6.

The first box of the bottle and can subscription will be a Belgian Beer Subscription of 16 beers. The second and third boxes will be a surprise. That’s 48 beers in 3 instalments.

To really crank this up a notch we are keeping the second and third installment  a secret, these beers will be a complete surprise. If you love being introduced to new, exciting beers that you otherwise would not have tried, this is perfect.

When you will get it

There are two options, monthly and bi-monthly. With both, the first box will be delivered shortly after purchase, in line with conventional delivery timings. If you select the monthly subscription, the second installment will be delivered a month after the first and the third will be delivered a month after that. If you order your subscription on January 10th, your second box will be dispatched around February 10th and the third will be around March 10th. That's 3 boxes over 3 months. The same applies for the 6 month version, except you get 6 boxes over 6 months. 

With the bi-monthly subscription the second case will be delivered two months after your first and the third will be 2 months after that. If you order your subscription on January 10th, your second box will be dispatched around March 10th and the third will be around May 10th. That's 3 boxes over 5 months.

Sound good? Then go ahead and order your 3-month subscription now! 

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