Articles about craft beer

Our beer journalists and bloggers share their passion for beer in interesting articles. From beer news to beer history, technical details to food pairing: it’s all here. Come with us on a journey through the world of beer.

chocolate and beer

Chocolate and beer: A match made in heaven

Three delicious chocolate & beer combos Read more

amber and red ale

Amber & Red Ale

Beer style in the spotlight Read more

beer snacks

The modern beer snack

A gem on a plate Read more


Hops: the brewer’s bouquet garni

The most important flavouring? Read more

international womens day

A toast to women!

Celebrating women in the beer world Read more

march blog

Mad as a March Hare

With Spanish-style rabbit recipe Read more

beer producing countries

Who brews the most beer?

The UK, Germany or the US? Read more

la chouffe

La Chouffe: the dwarf beer

Beers from Brasserie D’Achouffe and alternatives Read more

wheat beer

Wheat beer: a summer or winter beer?

Enjoying wheat beer year-round Read more

beer drinking temperature

How cold should beer be served?

Finding the right temperature Read more

beer flavour wheel

A new flavour wheel

Give the wheel a spin Read more

india pale ale

IPA: India Pale Ale

Learn more about the IPA! Read more

czech pilsner

The beauty of Czech Pilsner

Na zdraví! Read more

valentine tasting

Celebrate Pancake Day with beer

How to make fluffy, bluebeery pancakes Read more

valentine tasting

Valentine means tasting beers together

A romantic tasting for two Read more

valentine sour

Valentine’s: I’m Not Bitter, I’m Sour

With recipe: Tingly Oysters Read more

Porter and Stout

Porter & Stout

Two styles that grew up together Read more

Acohol-free beer

Belgian beer culture

What makes Belgian beer culture so special? Read more

Acohol-free beer

Dryanuary & Tryanuary

With celeriac croquettes recipe Read more

Acohol-free beer

Alcohol-free beer

More and more choice Read more

Imperial Stout

Imperial stout

How to bring this friendly monster into your life Read more

Session IPA

Session IPA

The must-have style Read more

Beer predictions for 2018

Beer predictions for 2018

The ultimate trend overview Read more

The big Beerwulf retrospective on 2017

Retrospective 2017

The 9 Beerwulf bloggers talk about beer trends in 2017 Read more

Essen Christmas beer festival

5 tips for a beery Christmas

How to best enjoy beer during the holidays Read more

Essen Christmas beer festival

Essen Christmas beer festival

Review Read more

The art of beer tasting

The art of beer tasting

The expert advice Read more

Food and Beer pairing for Christmas

Tips: Food and Beer pairings for Christmas

And Ale Roast Goose recipe Read more

Beers for Christmas

Christmas beers: Tips for the season

Beers that warm the soul Read more

Beers for Christmas

Beers for Christmas

Beer exclusively for the holidays Read more

The craft beer revolution

The Craft Beer revolution

Just what is craft beer? Read more

star wars

Beers for a Star Wars movie marathon

Whether on the Dark (beer) Side or with the Force, our recommendations have you covered Read more

Brussels Beer challenge

Results of the Brussels Beer Challenge 2017

Belgium is back as nr. 1 beer country Read more

In the mood for a Beer

In the mood for a beer

Adrian Tierney-Jones about moments for a beer Read more

How to decode beer styles

How to decode beer styles

There are 150 styles… Read more

Trappist & Abbey beers

Trappist & Abbey beer

What is Trappist and Abbey beer? Read more

Tips to organize your own beer tasting

Beer tasting tips

How do you do a tasting for your friends? Read more

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